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Our names are Amanda & Megan. If you're reading this right now we can only assume that you are a fan of Straight No Chaser! We have had so many adventures in our journeys to see them that we needed a place to write them all down. Cue blog! We can only imagine the adventures will continue and we can't wait to see where they lead us.


Allentown: The Celebration of Ryan Ahlwardt

By definition, a celebration is a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event. On December 23, 2012 in Allentown, PA chasers convened to celebrate the ending of an incredible journey and the beginning of another for the beloved tenor, Ryan Ahlwardt.

Mohegan Sun - The show that almost didn't happen

Let me explain that title a little. Throughout the entire cruise and at several of the shows after, the guys asked when we would be attending our next show and we told them Mohegan Sun in CT. The only problem with this is that for most of that time, we had not yet acquired tickets to the show and they were proving difficult to get. Luckily, in a last ditch effort, we checked out stub hub and were able to get tickets to our liking at a relatively decent price. So it all worked out in the end and we were able to keep our promise.


Atlantic City (12/15/12)

For those unaware, the blogging process usually begins with me sitting down and writing out an outline depicting the most important details of the SNC adventure. For this blog, I sat down and just could not focus on the outline, so I’m going to try something new. Free write, with only my brain as guidance. I apologize in advance if this goes terribly wrong…which is quite feasible, especially if this blog goes unattended for long periods of time which unfortunately has become a norm lately (the real-world really gets in the way sometimes).

Wilkes- ????, PA

* I dedicate this blog post to Randy Stine, who expressed his disappointment in the lack of blog updates recently, and motivated me to get this done* 

Well, when Mike Luginbill tells you that he wants you to come to a show soon because December is too far away (his precise words were “Pick a show!” It was an outright demand) and then gives you a pouty face, you do as you’re told and find a show. That’s the basic gist of how we ended up in Wilkes-Barre, PA just a mere 10 days after the cruise.


#SNCCruise Day 4

We jumped out of bed in as quiet of a manner as humanly possible without disturbing our slumbering cabin mates (or more accurately, I nimbly climbed down my ladder…jumping out of bed probably would have resulted in some serious bodily injuries) and began preparing for the jam-packed day ahead of us. We had been looking forward to day 4 of the cruise since we received our itinerary, but it came with a bittersweet sentiment for the mere fact that we weren’t ready for this incredible experience to come to an end.

#SNCcruise Day 3!

After our late night out and the abundance of alcohol we had consumed (including shots from a light up shot glass! (how perfect, right?) Megan and I deemed it a fantastic idea to go to the 9:00 screen of the MAC DVD. Neither of us had ever seen it (with the exception of the outtakes) so we dragged ourselves out of bed, bundled up to a) keep warm in the arctic venue and b) conceal the fact that we were either still drunk from the night before or nearing the hangover stage. Our cabin mates had decided not to join us. We made our way up to the venue where we waltz in and found our seats paying special attention not to talk to ANYONE. The ship was already swaying, add in our spinning heads and it was required we sit down immediately.  Randy came out and introduced the DVD and gave us some background knowledge on it. Charlie also made an appearance up on stage. We unfortunately did not get to see the entire DVD because we had started it late and the Q&A with the guys was immediately following that. We were able to view a decent portion of the DVD and watch some of the hysterical outtakes/bonus features. If you haven’t seen them, you need to because they are amazing. The DVD was stopped and the venue made the quick turnover to the Q&A, which only entailed bringing 10 stools onto the stage. Very sophisticated work, indeed.


A day in the life of a cruiser- #SNCCruise Day 2

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you wake up unaware of the time of day or where you actually are at that very moment? Day two of #SNCcruise arrived in that manner for me. As I pried my eyes open begrudgingly, I peered over the edge of my bunk and saw Amanda was showered and dressed already, putting the final touches of her makeup on in the mirror. My immediate thought was that it was time to go to the show already…had I really slept that long without noticing anything going on in the cabin? My mind instantly went into panic mode as I asked Amanda what time it was. She assured me that it was only 10:30 am, but we had been docked in Key West since 7:30. Jenn and Tara had already exited the boat to explore what Key West had to offer. Amanda informed me that she was just about to wander the ship so she didn’t disturb my slumber…imagine my panic if I had woken up to that situation. I told her that if she could wait a few minutes, I would get ready and we could go explore Key West for a little while.


Better Late Than Never

When the cruise was originally announced there was absolutely no doubt in our minds that we would be on that ship. As we began to tell people about it, we heard many reactions like, “Why would you do that?” or “That’s crazy” but my favorite response (because it was the one with the outcome I liked best) was “That’s awesome, you should do it, while you’re young and still can!” Soooo, we did.


Still Not A Cruise Blog

Have you ever experienced a moment when you seriously thought you would never smile again? You think that nothing can turn that frown upside-down, but something happens that makes you realize that that is an absurd way to go about your life. This is exactly what happened to Amanda and me on August 25, 2012 in Danbury, CT.

Not A Cruise Blog

No, no, and no some more. You cannot have any cruise blogs. Not yet at least. They’re currently “in production” at the moment, but here, enjoy a little anecdote from our adventures in Hyannis.


Double Stuf Oreo Weekend- Cohasset, Ma

The Olympics are underway in London (or were at the time this was taking place, and I started writing this...slacker, I know), and I can’t help but think that a cappella should be an Olympic sport. Or maybe just a spectator sport. At the very least, the last weekend in July was an a cappella Olympic event for Amanda and I that proved to be epic in all senses of the word. We like to refer to this weekend as our “Double Stuf Oreo” weekend. Straight No Chaser was the delectable cream filling on Saturday and Sunday, while Hyannis Sound made up the scrumptious chocolate cookie portions on Friday and Monday. A cappella overload may be an understatement, but we quickly came to the realization that you can never have too much a cappella in your life.


Biloxi, MS

*Please accept our apologies on the sluggish speed at which this was written. It's been a busy summer*

Day 1….

You see: these are the types of crazy things that happen when Megan and I are faced with a long car ride home – and an even longer wait to see SNC. We have silly “what-if” conversations and then, suddenly, before we know it we’re hopping on the next flight to Gulfport, MS.


Newark? But what happened to Oldark?

Saturday, April 28th started like any normal day…well, as normal as any day gets in our world. We got up, showered, and percolated some coffee while readying ourselves for another exciting evening with Straight No Chaser. We reorganized our belongings, making sure our most precious valuables were protected. It would have been a tragedy if anything had happened to our light necklaces or Sunstaches after all.


Hey Randy...Did we meet our deadline?

So, we meet again my friends. This is that coveted time where I can reminisce with Megan and ward off the SNC depression for just a little bit longer (it has been showing up increasingly sooner with every passing concert.) I think I figured out  why this happens though….Every time we travel somewhere we end up having so much fun with other chasers and the guys that when it’s over and we have to return to real life it all seems so boring and mundane in comparison.  And Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t get depressed over that.  



With just a little over a week (9 days, but who’s counting) until our next SNC shows (in Reading & Newark), I wanted to take the time to make a quick note of something super important to me and Megan.  Reading and Newark will mark shows number 23 & 24. It’s hard to believe considering today, at 8pm is the 2-year anniversary of the very first SNC show Megan and I saw in Northhampton, MA.

So many new friends made along the way and it feels like I’ve known them all for my entire life. I just can’t even imagine my life without all these fabulous people in it and it makes think back to how boring my life must have been only two short years ago. While most of my non-chaser friends think I’m crazy – most, not all- I’m perfectly okay with it because lets be honest, to be a chaser it’s kind of a requirement to have a little crazy in you. I wouldn’t change anything about the past two years.

So, To: Charlie, DR, Don, Jerome, Mike, Randy, Ryan, Tyler, Seggie, and Walt- With sincere appreciation, Thank you for making these past two years crazy amounts of fun and wicked awesome! See you in 9 days!



Surprise! We're in Tampa

As many of you know, and can probably appreciate, Atlantic City ended on a note that was far from acceptable. We hadn’t even hit the end of the meet and greet table when the depression had begun to hit. That is NOT OKAY! On our drive back to Massachusetts the following day, we made a pit stop at a rest area on the Mass Pike. I don’t even remember anything being discussed, just Amanda saying, “So, Tampa?” as we walked back to the car. It was decided, pending affordability and time-off, we were going to see Straight No Chaser in Tampa. There may or may not have been some prancing in that rest area parking lot.


Atlantic City Day 2. (it's about time, right?!)

Wow, it’s never taken me this long to finish one of these! That’s what she….nevermind. 


Atlantic City, NJ 11/25

Thanksgiving is usually a time to spend with your family, eat so much turkey you can’t move, and maybe watch some football (or fall asleep on the couch while the game makes some nice background noise).  For us this year (and many other Chasers) Thanksgiving also meant Straight No Chaser.


Baltimore, MD 11/19

Ahh Baltimore….Another whirlwind trip, but that’s just how we like it. The person to thank for this trip is Tara. She was very persistent and relentless in her efforts to get us to Baltimore. It worked, we caved, and everyone was happy!



Our spontaneous Manchester adventure got me home around 1:30 AM the morning of the Boston concert. With a mere 3 hours of sleep behind me, I left for work thinking there could not be enough coffee in the world to keep me going. As my work day progressed, however, I became super hyper (I made lots of silly comments and I think some dancing may have occurred at some point…what was wrong with me?). Many of my students had never seen me like this before. They seemed to find it quite amusing. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep, the large amount of caffeine I had pumped into my body, the memories from the previous night, or my excitement to see SNC in Boston (it very well may have been a combination of all four), but I was out of control. How could I control myself when the most anticipated day of the year had arrived? Well, at least for Amanda and I that is. Straight No Chaser was in our hometown and we were loving it!


Manchester, NH!!!!

I know this entry is supposed to be about our adventure on Thursday in
Manchester, NH but I cannot properly tell the story without telling you about my day on Wednesday first.


Providence, RI 11/16/2011

Wednesday started off like any other day, except I had thoughts of Straight No Chaser on my mind. Oh wait…that happens every day. This day was different though because I had Straight No Chaser to look forward to that evening. It’s not very often that I get to look forward to an SNC concert right after work, so inevitably I was super excited (or wicked stoked, if you will). A little background on my job situation (in case you don’t know), I’m a fifth and sixth grade part time Title I teacher in a middle school where I support students who do not have disabilities but are struggling in the general education classroom, occasionally I will substitute for teachers in the afternoon, I work in an afterschool program in the evening, and do some tutoring on the side (*phew* gotta pay for my SNC addiction somehow). Well today I wouldn’t be subbing, working in the afterschool program, or tutoring.  This left me at home by 11:30 AM trying to distract myself until Amanda arrived. I spent this time watching videos of Buddy Holly repeatedly and pacing around my house “ooo wee ooo-ing”. Thankfully no one else was home, or they probably would have thought I had gone mentally insane.


*Witty Title Here* Mohegan Sun, CT 11/13/2011

I would like to begin this by saying Megan and I aren’t the kind of people who go around spreading lies. Way back when (in July) we had to make the decision of whether or not we could swing a trip back to Atlantic City for the PBS taping. When it came down to decision time we went for it, stating that we would just make sacrifices come Fall tour time (The Mohegan Sun show in CT, specifically) We figured that a 2-hour drive (on a “school night”) coupled with the fact that we couldn’t get great seats (we hadn’t done the presale and could only get balcony seats) for that show would be enough to make us feel less guilty about missing it. Well, we were wrong.  After we had some time to think about what a rash decision we had made we definitely regretted it (missing CT, not going to PBS). I can’t give you exact dates but we decided we couldn’t miss that show. As luck would have it, we were able to score some excellent floor seats for the show. That, my friends is called fate, we were obviously meant to be at that show.


Contest Winners!!!!!!!

Hey Chasers –

The winners of our blogaversary contest have been picked! Here they are:

1st place - Jenn Thomas (@JennAnn_XO)

“At their last show at Harrah’s... my mom and I were telling Tyler how much he's grown on stage and come out of his shell compared to the first show at Harrah’s. We've seen more of his personality shine thru each show... After saying this to Tyler, Charlie commented saying ‘Sweet Corn coming out his husk!’ The whole table/line couldn't stop laughing!”

2nd Place - Michelle Ziemke (@ShelleBelle23)

Seggie: So, Where are you from?
Me: Keokuk, IA.
Seggie: Where's that?
Me: It's in South East Iowa, on the border....right on the Mississippi River.
Seggie: Like, LITERALLY on the River?!
Me: Well, no...Not literally.
Seggie: Oh Good, I was worried...”

3rd place – Angie Woollard (@StarstruckCanuk)

This past week in Virginia, I was going through the signing line holding my iPhone, which has a case that says "I Sing Bass" (I'm the bass in a quartet). Don saw it and pointed it out to Charlie, who was sitting beside him, and said, "Hey, Charlie, you need to get one of those!" Charlie then said, "Nah, I don't sing bass." but pronounced it like the fish.”

Congratulations! Make sure to check your e-mails!


Contest Details

Hey Chasers,

Here are the details for the upcoming contest! We can’t wait to see all the entries. For those of you who may not have read the previous posts, for this contest we are asking you to send us the funniest/craziest/silliest thing you have overheard one of the guys say during a Meet & Greet Line. This contest will run from 12:00 am (EST) on Nov 9th until 11:59pm(EST) on Nov 23rd. Remember, your entries do NOT have to be from this fall tour they can be from any past M&G line.

1. To make it fair to everyone, we are asking that anyone who wants to enter only send use ONE quote. If you send us more than one we will only accept the first one. So please make your selections carefully.

2. Only send us quotes that you are comfortable having posted for everyone to see. (For Example: if you have a private personal joke but don’t want everyone to know about it, don’t send it.) We will be posting the winning quotes on here

3. Please send your entries to SNCadventures@gmail.com

4. Tell everyone! The more entries we get, the more fun this contest will be!

Megan and I have decided that we are going to give out a first, second, and third place prize.

First place: A signed t-shirt of YOUR CHOICE from the merch table.
Second & Third place prizes: a personalized & signed photo.

Looking forward to reading all the entries! Have fun!

Amanda & Megan


Seggie's Chowda Challenge

I would like to start this blog off by stating that Seggie is a jerk. Okay, that’s harsh (Seggie, you know we love you), but when he challenged us to find the best clam chowder in Boston while we were in AC this summer,  I didn’t quite realize what a process it would be. Amanda and I never back down from a challenge and we most certainly never cut corners. We were determined to find Seggie the best clam chowder, and we were going to do anything it took to see the challenge through.


Having trouble making the most of your M&G experience? Read on for helpful tips!

So with SNC’s fall tour officially underway and after several requests to do so, we thought this might be a perfect opportunity to write down a couple of helpful tips Megan and I have compiled (from personal experiences) on how to conquer the meet and greet line. Whether it is your first time experiencing it or you’re an old pro like ourselves, these are just a couple of things we always like to keep in the back of our minds  and we thought might be helpful to others. *disclaimer: we are in no way trying to tell anybody what to do, just sharing some things that were helpful to us.*


ChaserCon Shenanigans

The only way I can accurately describe the second night of the ChaserCon weekend is by saying that it was overwhelmingly incredible. It was one of the most anticipated evenings of the summer for so many people, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Where shall I begin? Where Saturday left off, perhaps?


ChaserCon 2011 Day 1

I can’t believe it’s been a week already! This trip to Atlantic City started out just like any other, with very little sleep and the open road at some ungodly hour. Although unlike our trip to Gettysburg, we got 3 hours of sleep instead of 45 minutes.  Normally I am just going to bed at 1:00am on a Saturday but this time we were hitting the road, AC bound, for the last time this summer. We made no stops until we were already in New Jersey. There isn’t much to talk about for the ride, mostly because our delirious induced silliness didn’t kick in until we made it to AC.


PBS Taping

August has been a very special month for Amanda and myself, to say the very least. The beginning of August we were named the Chasers of the Month. I just wanted to take a moment to say that we are both truly honored to hold this title. Straight No Chaser brings so much joy to both of our lives, and we love doing everything we do for them. We were both shocked when the announcement was made that we were Co-Chasers of the Month. We never expected recognition for what we do, but we take pride in the title and hope that we won’t disappoint as the August Chasers of the Month! Alright, that being said, it is now time to tell you about one of the craziest weeks of our lives.


The Good Life

It just seems fitting that as I sit here writing and reminiscing about my time in Atlantic City,  OneRepublic is telling me that “This has gotta be the good life.” I’m going to have to agree with that statement.


Drunk on SNC Love

I awoke Tuesday morning (well nearly afternoon) with a terrible hangover, and then I realized I had had absolutely no alcohol the night before. Instead I had been drunk on Straight No Chaser love. As Amanda accurately portrayed in the previous blog, I was speechless after Monday’s happenings (and let’s be honest, I still don’t have words that will describe everything I was feeling that night perfectly).  I cannot thank the guys of Straight No Chaser enough for everything that happened that night (and 
this week in general). I will never forget any of it!


EPIC (7.18.2011)

Disclaimer: This blog contains spoilers!

So naturally I was going to let Megan write the blog about Monday’s happenings but all she had written was “OH. MY. GOD.” over and over again, so I stepped in and took over.  Seeing as there were many events leading up to those that rendered her speechless we should probably start at the beginning….


Harrah's 2011...Finally!

Amanda and I started our adventures to Atlantic City at 8 am on Sunday, July 17th. With a few quick stops at the bank, gas station, and Dunkin Donuts, we were safely on the road and our Sunday Adventure to SNC had begun!!! I was seriously afraid that this week would never come (or with my luck, it would just be skipped over). We hit very little traffic (with the exception of some congestion at the George Washington Bridge…silly New York) and made excellent time to Atlantic City. We were staying at Resorts Casino instead of Harrah’s because of its location to the boardwalk, cheaper prices, and the length of our stay…you never know, we could want to do something else other than just going to see Straight No Chaser.


Most of What Happens in Gettysburg, Stays in Gettysburg!

I told Ryan I was really excited about writing the blog entry for the chaser meet up and I wasn’t lying. It was such a laid back, easygoing get together. We all just hung out and it kind of felt (for me at least) that even though I was meeting some of these people for the first time, I’d known them forever…. Lets start at the beginning, Shall we?


If you have 11 minutes you're looking to get rid of....

So we made this video. It's of bits and pieces of our drive to Gettysburg. Most of the time it's me holding the camera and just talking (a lot of the time I forgot I was even holding the camera so I ended shooting video of the dashboard mainly)  To us this video is HYSTERICAL, but we may be biased....also you have to remember, everything in this video was said with very little sleep & lots of coffee. Proof of overtired chaser shenanigans. It's about 11 minutes long (cut down from 25 minutes)



Four Score and Seven Years Ago...

Okay, okay it’s only been 7 days, but there have been moments when Gettysburg seems like it was 87 years ago. Fortunately the depression didn’t hit quite so quickly as after New Year’s Eve, but it has hit none the less. I digress…back to reliving the epicness of Gettysburg…


On The Road Again

Let me just start off by saying how excited I am to finally be able to have something to write about again! It’s been a long 6 months since we last had any adventures that involved Straight No Chaser.  I would also like to add that Mother Nature was NOT on our side for this adventure…..


video killed the radio star....

we made a video....why? because we could. You should watch it. I apologize for the lack of professionalism but I misplaced my tripod. coffee + camera = this video. If you're prone to seizures, motion sickness, or have a heart condition you must consult your doctor before riding this ride......oh wait, I mean you probably shouldn't watch this. 

I kid, I kid,  it's not that bad


We Have A Winner.....!

*Phew!* That was a toughy! Megan and I were worried we were going to have to go to another question if  this one couldn't be answered. Have no fear though we did have someone answer correctly.

And the winner is...*drum roll*

CD giveaway #2!

Good Morning Chasers!!!!

It’s been almost exactly a month since we’ve posted anything on our blog (shame on us!) Since it’s the SNC adventures off-season, we’ve been forced to bring our shenanigans elsewhere (i.e. Chris Hardwick!) and we haven’t been sharing those stories with you, but we’re going to make it up to you!

In honor of SNC’s Fall Tour dates being announced tomorrow….It’s CD giveaway time!!
The rules are the same as the last time:

1. Send us your answers to SNCadventures@gmail.com
2. First chaser to give us the correct answer gets the CD.

It’s a simple game :)

Here’s your question. No need to hide it this time, this one also came from DR (He came up with some pretty tricky ones!)

Who has never arranged a song for SNC? (Hint: The answer is NOT Walt!)
*and yes, I do crack myself up*

Good Luck!


and the winner is....

Sara aka Waterfallprincess!!!!! Congratulations!! Your CD will be on it's way very soon!

here are the answers to our questions...

1.What day did the group literally sign the contract with Atlantic? March 29, 2008 (3 years ago today!! umm best day ever? I think so.)
2.What other significance does this day have for the group? DR'S birthday!!

These questions were given to us by none other than DR, so it only seemed fitting that we should use them for today!

A big thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DR!

We hope you all had fun! be sure to keep an eye out for the next one.

Its time!

Hello Chasers,
Here’s your chance to win yourself a fabulous UK With A Twist CD.
All you have to do is be the first to answer this question, which by the way, comes straight from one of the guys.

It’s a two questions and you need to get both correct to win, so ready, set, go:

1. What day did the group literally sign the contract with Atlantic? (your answer should look something like this: _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _)

2. What other significance does this day have for the group?

Good Luck!

Reminder: send your answers to SNCadventures@gmail.com.

Feel free to post them in the comments too but just remember your answer won’t be counted unless it’s in an email. (this is so none of the comments accidently come up as anonymous.)
-Amanda & Megan


coming up on adventures made by chasers....

Good Morning fellow chasers!

In honor of The Twelve Days of Christmas reaching it’s huge milestone, it’s time for another question. Naturally, like everything Straight No Chaser, this one has a twist!!!  A few weeks ago, we ordered the UK release of With A Twist from Amazon. SOMEHOW we ended up with two extra copies. Ok fine, you twisted my arm, we ordered 2 each. So that’s one for each of us and then that leaves two that we have decided we want to give away to you guys! We thought the best way to do this would be on our blog. We’re going to post a trivia question and the first chaser to give us the right answer gets a copy! We’re not giving away both copies this time around, but it will be given away before Gettysburg (or Harrah’s, if you’re not coming to Gettysburg)

We wanted to give you some notice that this would be happening so you could freshen up on all your SNC information. Here’s how it’s going to happen….

Due to some minor scheduling issues, this question will go up Tuesday, at 10:00 am EST (I know this might be tough for some people but if we do it any other time there is no guarantee Megan and I will be able to get online to receive answers)
We’re asking that you send us your answer in an e-mail to SNCadventures@gmail.com.

*Keep your eyes on the blog because we haven’t decided when the next trivia questions will be*

Good luck, Chasers!



Pining for SNC

As I sit here thinking about the second job I start tomorrow (actually this past Tuesday at the time this blog is posted), the planning I need to be doing for the summer camp I work for, and the paperwork I have to get done for my teaching job, it is only natural that my mind is continually wandering to SNC and that I find now a perfectly acceptable time to write a blog. With the Atlantic City dates announced, Amanda and I have had many hours of discussion as to when we will be seeing these amazing guys this summer. Logically, this is the only thing important to me right now, even though real-world responsibilities seem to be getting in my way.


Q&A with the one and only - Ryan Ahlwardt

Have you ever found yourself stopped at a red light, blasting the SNC (which gets you funny looks from all around), and kind of daydreaming? Yeah me too. Have you ever found yourself saying “I wonder if….” and then some crazy question about Straight No Chaser gets stuck in your mind? Yup, Guilty as charged.  Well Megan and I couldn’t hold all these questions in our brains anymore (mainly because we needed room for the Earth Science info), so we wrote them down one day.  I vaguely recall one of us mentioning “wouldn’t it be great if we could get these answered?” Well why couldn’t we? I asked permission and for a little help from Ryan to get the questions answers and he so graciously took some of his precious down time to answer these questions for us. While admittedly the idea to keep these all to myself has crossed my mind on several occasions, the teacher in me knows that I need to practice what I preach and share them. (Besides what kind of chaser would I be if I didn’t! Not one that would be welcomed to ChaserCon LDW 2011 that’s for sure! BTW, LOVE that group, it’s amazing.) Ryan did mention that he sent the list of questions we sent him over to the other guys, but he hasn’t received any answers back (We completely understand, and totally think the guys deserve this time at home to be with their families and friends without Chasers hassling them and if they don’t want to be bothered by us, no offense taken!)

So without further adieu, I would like you to enjoy a little Q&A with the one and only Ryan Ahlwardt :)


In preparation for the AC presale!

Hello Hello Everyone!

Amanda here! With our next Question of the Week....

Last week didn't go so well, so here's an easy one:

When, if you're planning on it, are you making the journey to Atlantic City?!
(Don't wanna be unprepared when you go to ticketmaster tomorrow!)

Megan and I will be there sometime the week of July 18th and of course Labor Day Weekend!

We've got some fun stuff in the works, so keep checking back with us!


Question Of The Week!

Hello! It's that time again!

Since everyone has been so kind and willing to read about our crazy adventures we wanted to give you the opportunity to share some with us. Sooo our question to you is:

What is the craziest adventure you've had before, during, or after an SNC event? (we can't be the only ones who have crazy things happen to them, can we?) Can't wait to hear some of your stories!

(btw, There should be a place in the comments section that lets you add your name without signing up. Please let us know if there isn't.)



SNC Anonymous

So I know Amanda said we would be silent until after our Earth Science MTEL on Saturday, however, today, March 1, 2011, should be marked down in history as the day I completely lost my mind because of my addiction for Straight No Chaser! Many may have believed that it was gone way before now, however, up until this day rational thought was still possible. I equate this to a drug addict going through withdrawals and in dire need of a good fix. It has become a life or death situation…seriously!

I came to the realization today, or in reality I actually let myself acknowledge the fact, that Straight No Chaser will be in Gettysburg on June 10th and that there are a lot of Chasers attending this show.  Between the withdrawal symptoms that have been driving me crazy lately and my insane jealousy, I decided that something had to be done about this! Amanda and I had made the trek to Reading to see them on New Years’ Eve, why couldn’t we journey just a little bit farther to Gettysburg? Oh right, because it’s on a Friday in June and I’m a teacher (hence the distraction tactics and avoidance by my brain up until this day).

So what did I do? I came home from school and did some research! I knew that the tickets for the show would be worth it no matter what the price (duh! SNC is always worth it!), however, I knew that we would have to consider travel costs again. After finding out that hotels are fairly reasonable, I decided to email the principal at my school to see if it was possible for me to get this day off. Being a long term substitute, and not a full-time salaried employee, I have a feeling this will not be a problem (especially since the teacher I’m covering for is on maternity leave, and is planning on returning in May as long as everything goes according to plan).

So as I sit here patiently waiting for a reply…who am I kidding? I am a bundle of emotions, and patience sure isn’t one of them…I am debating SNC rehab, or letting this addiction become a full-blown, out-of-control, force that can no longer be tamed. The first step is admitting I have a problem, right? So, I guess this is an official invitation to all Chasers to SNC Anonymous…where all our Chaser needs are met with padded walls and opulent a cappella music.

Alright, back to a world of stars, volcanoes, oceans, earthquakes, and rocks. When Saturday is over, and I no longer have to force myself to focus on Earth Science, I know that the SNC addiction will become insurmountable. It still amazes me that this addiction can get continually worse. Just when I think it has reached its peak, something else happens to make the climb steeper. My hike up “Mount Straight No Chaser” can be demanding at times, but I have to say I love every minute of it!


Clearing my head

There are so many things going on in my life right now and since Megan’s SNC therapy session seemed to help in the last post I decided I should try it out.  As I sit here waiting for my class to begin at Bridgewater State University (where btw, my car is parked illegally), everyone is silently reading or diligently working on their computers and I want nothing more than to be “that guy” and blast some SNC.  That being said these are just some random thoughts that have been going through my head and are listed in no particular order….