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Our names are Amanda & Megan. If you're reading this right now we can only assume that you are a fan of Straight No Chaser! We have had so many adventures in our journeys to see them that we needed a place to write them all down. Cue blog! We can only imagine the adventures will continue and we can't wait to see where they lead us.


Pining for SNC

As I sit here thinking about the second job I start tomorrow (actually this past Tuesday at the time this blog is posted), the planning I need to be doing for the summer camp I work for, and the paperwork I have to get done for my teaching job, it is only natural that my mind is continually wandering to SNC and that I find now a perfectly acceptable time to write a blog. With the Atlantic City dates announced, Amanda and I have had many hours of discussion as to when we will be seeing these amazing guys this summer. Logically, this is the only thing important to me right now, even though real-world responsibilities seem to be getting in my way.

Our SNC planning started with Gettysburg (which everything is now booked for!), and then continued as only days later the Atlantic City dates were announced and the presale began. Amanda and I had tossed around the idea of going to the last show at Harrah’s on Labor Day Weekend. We had attended the last show last summer, but this was before we knew any of the other Chasers in attendance. We also knew that we would like to take another trip down there sometime in July, but we weren’t sure if we could afford both. As the presale day approached however, we decided that we couldn’t not go to Atlantic City for the last show (yes, that is a double negative…) and decided to buy the tickets instead of delaying the inevitable. That weekend is going to be EPIC! My wallet may hate me, but like I always say Straight No Chaser is totally worth it!

Now to plan our week in July. We decided that this would be a perfect vacation, and I like to look at it as a way to celebrate my birthday! Unfortunately I cannot get the week of my birthday off from work, so the celebrations will have to wait a few days (8 to be exact)…and it’s well worth the wait if I get a whole week of celebrating AND Straight No Chaser! July 17-22 cannot come soon enough!

Atlantic City better watch out this summer! I don’t think it’s quite ready for this Chaser Invasion. This is going to be one epic summer that not even Snooki and The Situation can compete with. I know the Chaser Community will be well represented this summer at Harrah’s, and Amanda and I will not disappoint when we spend our week there in July. Let the adventures made by Chasers continue!!!!

Being Thursday AND Green Day, here is the new Question of the Week: What is your favorite thing about the one and only Ryan Ahlwardt?

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  1. It is impossible to have ONE favorite thing about Ryan. I love that he is so funny and smart. I love to read his blogs. I love that he is responsive to fans (and is the only one who follows me on Twitter). And it goes without saying that I love hearing him sing. Gettysburg cannot possibly get here fast enough!