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Our names are Amanda & Megan. If you're reading this right now we can only assume that you are a fan of Straight No Chaser! We have had so many adventures in our journeys to see them that we needed a place to write them all down. Cue blog! We can only imagine the adventures will continue and we can't wait to see where they lead us.


#SNCcruise Day 3!

After our late night out and the abundance of alcohol we had consumed (including shots from a light up shot glass! (how perfect, right?) Megan and I deemed it a fantastic idea to go to the 9:00 screen of the MAC DVD. Neither of us had ever seen it (with the exception of the outtakes) so we dragged ourselves out of bed, bundled up to a) keep warm in the arctic venue and b) conceal the fact that we were either still drunk from the night before or nearing the hangover stage. Our cabin mates had decided not to join us. We made our way up to the venue where we waltz in and found our seats paying special attention not to talk to ANYONE. The ship was already swaying, add in our spinning heads and it was required we sit down immediately.  Randy came out and introduced the DVD and gave us some background knowledge on it. Charlie also made an appearance up on stage. We unfortunately did not get to see the entire DVD because we had started it late and the Q&A with the guys was immediately following that. We were able to view a decent portion of the DVD and watch some of the hysterical outtakes/bonus features. If you haven’t seen them, you need to because they are amazing. The DVD was stopped and the venue made the quick turnover to the Q&A, which only entailed bringing 10 stools onto the stage. Very sophisticated work, indeed.

Credit for this photo goes to  Julie Futer 
The Q&A involved David Britz asking the guys questions that chasers had submitted ahead of time. Things ran quite smoothly and they also allowed some time for those who had other questions that had not been previously submitted. Tyler got a lot of flak about how late he had been out the night before and how someone had to literally drag him out of bed to get to the Q&A. With every criticism, we felt his pain, as we were in the same boat as him. (Literally and figuratively) We then got to preview a few songs from their upcoming CD/Fall Tour. We were politely asked not to film or record any audio of this portion (logical) but I do feel comfortable telling you that one of the songs we got to hear that morning was Soldier. (I was ecstatic when it found it’s way into the set list for the #SNClive tour.) Both songs we got to hear were very touching and beautifully sung. Many of the chasers in the audience had tears in their eyes (Megan and myself, included)

our napping spot
After the Q&A concluded, we had some spare time before the boat actually docked in Cozumel. While we exited the venue, we thought, “Hmm- there is a wine tasting tonight. I wonder if we can still sign up?” We found ourselves a nice representative from Rose Tours and asked. She was happy to let us with the only stipulation being that we had to pay cash. Not a problem, we both had cash on hand and ready to give her. Well, it was in our room but as mentioned before our room was only about 8 stairs away from where we were currently standing.  We thought with our spare time we could wander the boat. This also brought up the sensitive subject of whether or not Megan and I were even going to leave the boat in Cozumel.  At first we thought, “Why bother?” then we thought, “We’ll probably get lots of judgment from people if we don’t.” We decided we would get off the boat, but after that we had no plan of action what so ever (a recurring theme on this adventure.)   Upon exiting the boat, we decided to venture around the port. There were plenty of shopping opportunities, but we found a nice cozy place with beach chairs. That is exactly where we stayed for approximately 3 hours. Lounging in the warm air under the shade of a palm tree. It was downright amazing. We were later joined by Vicky and her sister, Mary Lou who found our idea just as amazing as we did. What did you do in Cozumel? Oh, I napped for 3 hours under a palm tree.  It felt exactly how a vacation should feel. After all of lounging, we realized that we should probably make our way back to the boat to get ready for the wine tasting. There wasn’t much getting ready except we did decide that after the excursion we took the night before and the plain lack of food in our bodies, we should probably eat something before ingesting anymore alcoholic beverages. That meal included chicken fingers, a substantial amount of ice cream, and the occasional French fry but it served its purpose.

When it was time, we made our way to the wine tasting. It was in the exact bar we had been the previous night. My how things had come full circle.  We were seated next to strangers (although, they were clearly chasers) but we naturally made friends just by being our normal crazy selves. Dave and Sara hosted this event and since they are a bit of wine connoisseurs, it was quite informative. You wouldn’t have even known that they themselves had only found out what wines we’d taste mere moments before they were supposed to educate us on them. A job well done to them! Most of the time, the format was we would taste a wine and discuss what flavors we tasted. Some people had such detailed answers. 
see that red wine? it has a nice hint of yuck to it.

I must not have a sensitive palette for this stuff because at one point (red wines and me do not get a long) the only thing I could say was, “This just tastes like yuck.” Megan, having a hard time finding the right words of her own to describe the unfriendly taste, agreed wholeheartedly.  While many people around us raved about the fantastic taste of the red wine, I found myself wondering if I could get another glass of whatever white wine we had tasted previously. I also spent a lot of time thinking, “gosh, I hope DR and Sara don’t ask what flavors I taste” if they had, it would have lead into a nice awkward silence.  We escaped the night unscathed and in good spirits. Before exiting the bar, we stopped to chat with Don. We discussed our time in Cozumel and how we were pretty positive Mike Luginbill was/is a time traveler (judging by his mannerism, dance moves, and everything else I witnessed, the only logical conclusion was the man claiming to be Mike’s father was Mike from the future.) We also discussed how exhausted we were because we had been out late the night before. Don asked where we had gone and we pointed around us and said “Here!” He looked at us with a surprised look and asked, “Did you see Tyler? He was here.” We responded with, “Yeah, he’s the reason we were here. He told us to come while we were leaving the improv show.” It then all made sense to him. We parted ways and went over to chat with DR for a bit. We talked about how we’re not big wine drinkers but we still had a blast. We also talked about the bottle of wine we gave him from the Cape Cod Winery. We explained that getting that had been just a random adventure one day. He said he loves doing things like that, just going to a local winery and trying things out.

We left the bar to find Jenn and Tara waiting outside. It was time to head over to dinner. We really weren’t all that hungry but we figured we mind as well go and be social. Dinner is always a fun time, despite the fact that we sat with complete and utter strangers. We obviously made the best of it. During the meal, the wait staff put on a show with singing and dancing and all sorts of craziness.  After dinner this night, Dexter, our waiter from the first night, sought out Megan and I. Apparently, he missed us. He proceeded to tell Megan that the following night (the last night of the cruise) he was going to dance for her. This made for all sorts of laughter. Oh Dexter, you’re a crazy man.

Photo by: Julie Futer
After dinner was Mike and Jerome’s show but we were able to catch a quick catnap before it started.  We’d been looking forward to this for a while. The show was amazing. There were some special guests on stage with Mike and Jerome. Tyler, Seggie, and Ryan joined them up on stage. As well as our new friend Joel, who was so excited when we told him we’d be at this show, and Austin from the Left Over Cuties. I can’t gush enough about how much fun this show was. Even though it didn’t even start until 12:30 in the morning our catnap had helped and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I’m truly envious and in awe about how musically talented all of these guys are. (A Cappella or otherwise) 

Blake (Photo by: Julie Futer)
When the show ended, we were all standing around chatting with one another. We found our way over to Blake; it’s always an interesting and hilarious chat when we get to hang out with him. He showed off his wrestling mask that Charlie had bought him while we were in Cozumel. It was truly terrifying but so fitting for Blake. After Blake left, Jerome had made his way out to where we were all standing.  We started discussing random things, like his hatred for Hyannis Sound (which is still so weird to me) and someone brought up the website pinterest. Apparently there is a picture floating around of him and he had no knowledge of its existence. Some chasers had found this picture and that lead to a hysterical conversation about pinterest. Jerome kept calling it “pin-interest”. We tried multiple times to correct him but we eventually just gave up. We took this opportunity to bring up a concern of ours to Jerome. We asked him if he twitter stalks us because he always tells us things like, “you never mentioned you’d be here” “I didn’t see you mention anything about that” or,  “all you ever talk about is Hyannis Sound.” He playfully nodded and said “Yeah I do!” We pulled ourselves away from Jerome for a moment so that we could go quickly converse with Mike and Joel. We wanted to make sure we told them how much we enjoyed the show. They were grateful for the kind words but being as it was so late, we were all a bit eager to soon be sleeping so we kept our conversations short and sweet.

Upon leaving the venue, just when we thought the night was over, we got the urge to go run amok on this ship. We made our way to top deck so that we could go look out at the stars and look out onto the ocean. There wasn’t a whole lot to see when looking out to the ocean though, as everything was pitch black.  After our escapades on the top deck, we were told that there was a deck (and I want to say it was deck 2 but I could be wrong) that you could go to the very front of the boat and look out. Even though we knew it would be SUPER dark and we probably wouldn’t be able to see anything, we wanted to go check it out anyways. It was VERY windy and the doors were heavy and hard to keep open. We didn’t spend too much time out there exploring but the time that was spent was full of laughter. Upon entering the ship, we heard a woman’s voice asking if there was anyone else out there. My first instinct was that we were getting in trouble. That, fortunately was not the case, it was just another person on the boat wondering if her son was out gallivanting with us because she thought she heard his voice. He was not with us so we were off the hook. We took this as a cue to head to our room and rest up for the next day’s adventures, it was going to be a LOOONNNGGG day. 

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