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Our names are Amanda & Megan. If you're reading this right now we can only assume that you are a fan of Straight No Chaser! We have had so many adventures in our journeys to see them that we needed a place to write them all down. Cue blog! We can only imagine the adventures will continue and we can't wait to see where they lead us.


Atlantic City Day 2. (it's about time, right?!)

Wow, it’s never taken me this long to finish one of these! That’s what she….nevermind. 

On any other regular day (and especially an SNC day) it is pretty easy to pry us out of bed. Not this time.  The combination of leaving the bar at 3:00 in the morning and the fact that the bartender (Wesley) had made us the strongest drinks ever proved to be a debilitating mixture. With the thoughts of coffee and breakfast perusing our brains, we were finally able to drag ourselves out of bed and get to Dunky’s. When we got back, we really just lounged around the room for a while occasionally drifting in and out of consciousness.  Finally I decided that we needed to start getting ready, as our new favorite roomie, Jenn would be joining us soon. We both got up and started preparing for the daunting task of getting ready. I decided to shower first and when I got out of the shower I found Megan once again asleep in bed. It’s hard to believe at the ripe old age of 24, a night out would have such an adverse effect on us.
Finally, after Megan’s short-term case of narcolepsy wore off and Jenn arrived we were ready to head of to Caesar’s. We were late, which is funny because of how often Megan and I arrive early. We were meeting up with chasers at the giant Christmas tree to take a lovely family photo  (btw, Megan and I are both in agreement that it is 100% that tree’s fault for the hangover we encountered earlier in the day. Sure, we drank the alcohol but the whole reason we meandered into that bar was to make sure Terry was at that tree on time!)
Look what I found!

When we arrived it wasn’t hard to spot the large group of chasers awaiting our arrival. It also didn’t take us very long to inconvenience a complete stranger and stage ourselves in a classroom photoesque way and snap a picture. I’m sure it was beautiful but I’m not exactly sure I ever saw the resulting picture (<-- this has since changed, obviously) After the picture, the group of us went to grab a bite to eat together before the show. Megan and I needed to make a pit stop at the box office before we headed dinner so we ended up lagging behind a bit. Dinner was filled with laughter, chatter, and just in general lots of fun.  After dinner we had some time to kill before the doors to the venue actually opened. Most of us just scattered to distract ourselves with different things. Many chasers ended up at slot machines but Megan and I don’t gamble, we didn’t have any money to shop, and lets be honest, we didn’t want to stray too far from the venue. Having said that, we ended up planting ourselves in front of the venue doors.

Once the venue doors opened we went to go find our seats. Wouldn’t you know we were smack in the middle of the middle section in the upper level.  Nope, we wouldn’t stand out up there are all. *note the sarcasm* We looked around for Blake because we were going to offer to help him with the lighting, but we couldn’t find him so we stayed in our seats and just made jokes about what the lighting would look like if we helped, probably not as good. (pssh, and they say the pay Blake too much.)

Not surprisingly, this show was just as amazing as any other show we’ve seen. Fortunately, this show did not involve any sleeping audience members, unlike the night before, but, unfortunately, it did involve Tyler injuring himself during his Lady Gaga jump. This of course had all the chasers distressed and worried for him. No one likes an injured Tyler!  Not to worry though, Tyler has since made what I believe to be a full recovery.

We made our way out to the lobby to wait for the guys to come out for the meet and greet. When they finally appeared, the other chaser and us were lined along the wall with our hands out giving them high fives. This quickly evolved into us all saying “good game” as we high fived. We quickly learned that, sadly, Tyler would not be joining us at this Meet and Greet.

As we waited towards the end of the line we came to be involved in a conversation we wanted no part of. We were sucked into the couple’s fight of complete strangers. I haven’t the slightest clue about what they were actually fighting about but she was in tears. Then they annoyed us even more by trying to brag about seeing and meeting the guys in Boston.  We just kind of ignored their *ahem * not so humble brags, but it was unnerving to know they came from our neck of the woods. Do we act like that? I hope not. If we did, we would have won that bragging battle. #JustSaying.

We finally made it to the table, seriously after dealing with those people I never thought we’d make it there. Ryan was first in line and it was only natural for us to ask him how HE was feeling from the night before. We were reassured that we weren’t the only ones who had not enjoyed waking up that morning.  When we made it to Seggie, we told him that we figured since we were there we’d see their show again. He immediately came back with “Yeah, and I bet you fought about it for an hour first!” ahaha – no! Seggie has been witness to my and Megan’s constant bickering many times before. He always tells us to knock it off. Megan then told him she had to take 3 naps in order to make it to the show that night. He shook his head in disappointment (it’s fine Seggie, so did I.) We then moved on to Don, who to be quite honest, put us in an early state of depression. All he did was simply ask us when the next time he would be seeing us was. When we told him it wouldn’t be until April, he had a shocked looked on his face and then after doing some ridiculously quick mental math, Don was able to spit out “152 days!” Upon hearing this, Charlie asked “152 days until what?” and I said “until we see you guys again!” he said “WHAT?! that’s sooo long” you’re preaching to the choir, my friend. After that, the rest of the meet and greet turns into a bit of a hazy fog. We were so distraught from Don’s comment and with the added sadness that Tyler was missing we were basically unable to form words the rest of the line.  Although, when we got to Jerome we talked about leaving the bar at 3am and how getting up that morning had been the most difficult thing we’d had to do in a while. Mike over heard some of the conversation and said “3 AM!” which then lead me in to a story about being out late at the bar and telling him all about the escapades that had taken place the night before (which I’m almost positive he was present for.) He just laughed and said, “wow” I think he was impressed so I chose not to tell him about the naps Megan took; it would make us seem less cool. After I had finished talking to Mike, I moved onto Walt who made us most depressed of all and basically all he said was “Happy Holidays!” While normally this is a cheerful statement, it made us sad because we knew that the long wait until April was upon us.

 Re: Seggie- Not shocking
We waited around for group photos and as we walked up for our picture the guys decided to forgo their normal shouting of popular Boston phrases and instead went with “Malibu and diet!” which may or may not be what Megan and I had been drinking the night before. We turned to pose for the photo and right as Richard was about to snap the picture he said “ Everyone say ‘Hi Tyler!’” but, umm, none of us did, instead we just laughed. Richard looked at the picture on the camera and told us that this had been our “best one yet” So sad because Tyler wasn’t in it! We waited for everyone else to finish taking their photos. While we were all gathering our thoughts and deciding where to head to next, Ryan came over and chatted with a group of us for a bit.  This prompted me to bombard Ryan with questions about whether or not the guys would be returning to MA during their spring tour. (They aren’t, but fear not, they’ll be back in the summer!)

Afterwards, a bunch of us Chasers went to the same bar that we had just been in the night before. It felt like we had never left! Our bartender friend Wesley from the night before was there as well. There were drinks flowing, pictures being taken, and laughs being had. All in all, it was a great time. We then headed back to the hotel with Jenn. Ok, let me just tell you we had SO much fun! I wasn’t even sure it was possible to laugh as hard as we were. At one point, I legitimately lost my voice (which, if you were wondering, didn’t return for several days later.)

The next day, we did what was expected of us. We woke up, checked out of the hotel, and unenthusiastically set out for home. At one point, Megan and I had decided it was time for coffee and a bathroom break (in that order) so we went to a rest stop.  Whilst we were returning to the car, I stopped in my tracks, looked at Megan and said “Soooo, Tampa?” The rest of the ride home was spent checking flights to and from Tampa and hotel prices. The decision wasn’t set in stone but it soon would be…..yeah, about that….Stay tuned. 

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