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Our names are Amanda & Megan. If you're reading this right now we can only assume that you are a fan of Straight No Chaser! We have had so many adventures in our journeys to see them that we needed a place to write them all down. Cue blog! We can only imagine the adventures will continue and we can't wait to see where they lead us.


Straight No Chaser Weekend Extravaganza!

So although this entry is meant to be about the weekend of Nov. 20th and 21st, it must be told that preparations for this weekend started weeks in advance. There was no way we were going to go to THREE concerts that weekend and completely blend in with everyone else. Our goal: make ourselves memorable if even just for this weekend (in a non distracting way for the other fans and the guys.)

Our Shirts with all the guys signatures
            With that in mind, one of our first ideas was of course to make t-shirts. We had a very specific idea in mind. We wanted white baseball T-shirts with red sleeves. No big deal you say? We scoured the Earth looking for these t-shirts, okay maybe not, but I will give you a list of stores we did try: Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Wal-mart, Ocean State Job Lot, Kohls, Bob’s, and Olympia sports. Nothing at any of these stores! Finally, we were able to find exactly what we were looking for on Hanes.com. We then ventured to A.C. Moore (a craft store, I only clarify because I thought it was a well known store that was all over the country, but when we told Ryan and Mike the name of the store we got confused looks from both of them and had to explain what it was.) Supplies we got at this store included black fabric paint (in a spray paint can like fashion), fabric glue, red glitter, white fabric paint, glow in the dark fabric paint, paint brushes, letter stencils, and light up Christmas necklaces (these will come into play later!). We also got music note iron on patches, but those were a last minute addition. We had to make 4 shirts, Me (Amanda), Megan, and Megan’s younger brother and sister. Megan and I spent a whole day making these shirts, which caused Megan’s hands to be completely covered in black fabric paint (paint that does not come off easily, I might add). If you ask her, She’ll tell you it was completely worth it because the shirts came out AMAZING!

            Okay so t-shirts: check, what else could we possibly need? Jewelry to go with our t-shirts, DUH! Off to A.C. Moore one more time! This was a project I took on myself, then later surprised Megan with our matching bracelets. They were made from red and white beads and they had the letters SNC on them with two music notes (Wicked cute!) So if you’re keeping track that’s bracelets and t-shirts. We weren’t done yet though. We decided we would make the guys cards. They were made from glitter cardstock (yes, this required ANOTHER trip to A.C. Moore) and made to look like shirts and ties. We wanted to just show them how much we appreciated everything they do for their fans. We also made them a little box of goodies. We made sure that everything we put in there was store bought. We figured it would ease their minds a little, because although homemade goodies are amazing, when you’re touring as much as they are you can never be too careful and we didn’t want to be responsible for making any of the guys sick. There was lots of stuff in this box, so here are some pictures:

Close Look
Dreidels-for a little comedy
We decided we needed to give them something Boston
yummy goodies

2 of each color
            Now for the concerts. We had tickets to the shows in Boston, MA and in Cranston, RI. The show itself in Boston was of course amazing! We all wore our matching red shirts, which glowed in the dark. Unfortunately we had balcony seats for this show. I still enjoyed every minute of this concert. It was pretty uneventful as far as adventures go during the concert. We had two minor incidents. I say we, but I really mean Megan. Not once, but TWICE, she was yelled at for using her camera during the concert (which EVERYONE knows is okay to do!) The first time was by an usher who told her “No recording! Still photos are okay, but not videos! You need to put that away!” Not wanting to ruin her concert viewing experience, she did as she was told and started taking just still photos. A few moments later, the lady sitting next to her spoke to her because the light on her camera was distracting. Seriously? The light that goes on for 2.2 seconds before the picture is taken, deal with it. She didn’t have her flash on! But as I mentioned before we didn’t want to be distracting to other people or cause a scene. 
The line we waited in for the meet and greet
The concert ended and we practically ran out of the auditorium to get to the meet and greet line, somehow we still ended up near the back of the line. We didn’t mind because  we seriously were willing to wait ALL night if we had to.  Finally it was our turn to go down the line with the guys. We showed the guys our shirts to have them signed and they loved them! Jerome asked if we would make him one (without any glitter of course), Ryan left me speechless when he remembered that I had sent him a picture of them on twitter and then remembered mine and Megan’s names. Walter’s reaction was hysterical. This conversation happened:

Walter:  Whoa! That’s a lot of glitter!
Me: I know! We thought you guys would love it.
Walt: Oh you know me, I LOVE glitter.
Charlie: (to me) It’s true, you should see his bunk, it’s covered in glitter.
               (to Walter) Dude, I don’t know how you sleep on those bedazzled sheets?!

            We also had a Christmas ornament for them to sign, which they also thought was a cute idea and Charlie said it was the first time anyone had ever had them sign one,I then proceeded to tell Walter and Charlie that we would be at both shows the next day so we would have another ornament for them to sign and this is the conversation that occurred (and yes I remember them word for word)

Walter: Oh which show are you coming to tomorrow?
Me: Would it be weird if I said both?
Walter: Really? Both? Well that gives me a reason to switch up the set list
Me: Yes, really (points to Megan, a few guys down the line) She’s coming with me!
Seggie: You’re going to both shows? I’m not even going to that many shows
Me: we decided that we would just learn all your sets and then if any of you were sick we could fill in for you!
Seggie: (looking at the shirts) You know we have to sue you for copyrights now?
Me and Megan: (Through our laughter) yeah that’s fine!

           Right after this conversation the Christmas Ornament made its to Tyler (who was the last person in the line). He commented on what a great idea it was and how he would love to have one.

Tyler: Oh I would love one of these
Seggie: Well I'm handing you one right now
Tyler: Oh thanks! (as he pretends to put it in his pocket and run away)

 We asked if we could wait for a group photo. Seggie and Tyler both immediately responded with a yes (without even looking up from what they were signing), but then Walter said he wasn’t sure if they had time because the Wang Security was rushing them out (RUDE!). So Seggie promised us we would get our picture the following day. We walked out of The Wang Theatre more giddy and excited then when we had entered it.  We knew that we had made positive steps in achieving our goal.
            I can’t speak for Megan for sure (but that won’t stop me), it was hard to sleep after that first concert, but we needed to make sure we would be ready for whatever SNC adventure came the next day! Sunday's adventures should be posted very shortly (It was WAY to long to post as one)!!

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